Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd.
Our History (1950s through 1970s)
Being the oldest of Jan's sons meant that Johan was the first to emigrate, and he arrived in Canada in 1953 with little more than a box of tools and $40 in his pocket.

Before long Johan established himself as foreman in the crating department of a growing radar and communications company.

In his spare time he crafted custom furniture in his basement workshop.

By 1967 it was time to go out on his own, and it was then that Johan founded Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd.

Initially he worked from the back of a rented barn, but as word of his skills began to spread he soon built a small shop of his own.

Although his initial plan was to work on his own, the amount of work coming in was more than he could handle and Johan ended up hiring his first employee - a skilled finisher by the name of Art Welton. Art quickly earned the nickname "Picasso" for his ability to match stains and toners with exceptional clarity.
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