Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd.
Sfuzzi Cocktail Table
Wood, Stainless Steel
60" x 60" x 17" high
This design originated as a rough sketch on a napkin, in a restaurant that also inspired the name of this table.

The Black Limba wood used on the top has been cut in a reverse diamond matched pattern that has been mitered into a waterfall that cascades over the vertical edge.

The apron and legs were crafted from a rare selection of Jurassic Oak which was harvested from an ancient bog in Great Britain. The dark coloring of the oak is derived naturally, from thousands of years of submersion of the tree in thick, cold mud which helped to preserve the wood from decay.

Convex stainless steel inlays provide a subtle finishing touch to all 4 sides.

Custom sizes and alternative wood species are available.

Design credit for the Sfuzzi Table goes to Mitchell Pickard.

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